Teenage Homestay Courses (14-16 years)*
CAE Girton, Cambridge

Key Points

  • 2 week courses recommended for independent  teenagers aged 14-16*
  • Accommodation in local homestays
  • Practise your English in your homestay with your hosts and with students from other countries
  • All Homestays close to school, normally within walking distance
  • Teenage students walk to school for class and for evening activities. They usually walk home in the evening with friends
  • Supervision by CAE and homestays
  • Elementary to Advanced (not Beginners)
  • 20 hours of lessons per week
  • Class size - maximum 12
  • Excellent mix of nationalities
  • Full Afternoon and Evening programme
  • Regular excursions
  • All costs included in course price
  • * In special circumstances, CAE reserves the right to accept students of minimum age 13.
  • For information about Teenage Homestay Courses outside of the summer season, please contact

Course Structure

  • Students enrol for 2 weeks (or 4 or 6 weeks) from June to August
  • 20 full hours of lessons per week
  • A full programme of language lessons, afternoon activities, evening entertainment and visits
  • Serious but lively language learning
  • Learn the English you need by doing the things you like to do
  • Enjoy social activities in the afternoon and evening
  • Meals provided at homestay and at the school
  • Regular excursions. All students normally visit London and Cambridge as well as other local destinations.

Academic programme

  • Maximum class size is 12 students
  • All students are interviewed and tested on arrival
  • Classes allocated by language level, nationality mix, age and gender
  • Good mix of nationalities in each class
  • 20 full hours of lessons per week
  • Level based Morning classes give teenagers a chance to practise all four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Excursion preparation and follow up work links the classroom language to the English speaking environment
  • Afternoon Electives give you time to learn English by doing things you like - Popular Electives are: Music, Film & Animation, Course Magazine, Games in English and the Exam Skills Workshop
  • Free learning materials
  • Teenagers prepare a special CAE Portfolio to take home as a record of their achievements on the course
  • All students receive an end of course report and CAE Course Certificate

Social programme

The Afternoon and Evening Programme is an essential part of your course. It is here that you can really put your English into practice. CAE offers you a choice of some great activities and sport every afternoon and evening. We all have our favourites, but we also encourage you to try something completely new!

In the Afternoons, join in the fun

  • Sports
    (Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Netball...)
  • Art and Crafts
    (Drawing, Painting, Mask making, Jewellery design, T-shirt painting...)
  • Activities
    (Team Building Games, Drama, Music, Singing, Reading club, Cookery, Dance...)
  • Local visits
    (Town trails, Raft building, Swimming...)

In the Evenings, take part in

  • Barbecues
  • Cinema visits
  • Discos and Karaoke
  • Homestay evenings
  • Theme parties and an International Evening
  • Team challenges
  • Quizzes and School DVD Nights
  • Talent competitions

Excursions and Study visits

  • England is our classroom
  • Students get the chance to use their English in real situations
  • Regular excursions
  • All teenagers usually visit London and Cambridge. Interesting trips to other local destinations too.
  • Learn about the places you are visiting before the trip and talk or write about them when you get back to class.
  • Teenage students are issued with a CAE Identity Card. You must carry this card at all times.
  • Teenage students are only allowed to go into Cambridge at night as part of a supervised school evening activity. Students may not travel to London unaccompanied.


  • CAE is located in Girton, a safe residential area on the outskirts of Cambridge, the famous university city.
  • 15 minutes by bus from the centre of Cambridge

Accommodation and Meals

  • All homestays within walking distance of CAE
  • Homestays specially chosen for teenage students
  • Teenage students walk to school for class and for evening activities.  They usually walk home in the evening with friends
  • Usually Share a room with someone who speaks a different language
  • Bath or shower once a day
  • Clothes washed once a week
  • Homestays provide breakfast and dinner everyday and lunch at weekends (packed lunch for excursion days),
  • Have lunch in the CAE canteen during the week.


  • Students are escorted to and from their homestay for all airport transfers
  • On the Sunday before the course begins, all students are met at the airport by a CAE representative
  • On the Saturday at the end of the course, students are taken back to the airport, and helped with their check-in. CAE representatives will remain in the airport until the plane has departed.
  • There will be an additional charge for any arrivals, departures or extra nights outside our set days and times
  • Teenage students who are flying alone are encouraged to register with the airline's Unaccompanied Minor Service when booking their flight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the classes like?
Probably quite different from what you have already experienced! There'll be lots of speaking and listening work,but with some reading and writing too. You'll work on topics and activities of interest to young people and have lots of opportunity to use your English in real situations.

What about my level of English?
We will test you on the first day and put you in the right class. Sorry, no beginners accepted.

How do I get to school?                                                                  Your homestay is close to CAE and you are able to walk to school!  You will go out in the morning, home for dinner and then back to school for the evening programme.  We advise that you walk with friends and housemates at all times.                                        

How much money should I bring with me?                                      You only need enough money for sweets, souvenirs and presents - everything else has already been paid for. The CAE Office can keep student's money safe until they need it.

What's the food like?
You may be pleasantly surprised! Your homestay will give you breakfast and a hot dinner every day, and also lunch at the weekend. If you are on an excursion, they will give you a packed lunch. During the week you can have lunch at the school canteen. Don't worry about money for meals - they're all included in the course fee.

What if I am ill?
Your homestay will know what to do. If necessary you can see the local doctor and if it's more serious we will refer you to the local hospital. In a real emergency we will fly you home (and the cancellation of your course is covered by the insurance included in the fee)

What should I bring?
Remember that you have to carry your own suitcases - so don't bring too much! We suggest:

  • comfortable everyday clothes
  • a raincoat/ waterproof jacket and a warm sweater
  • sports shoes and sports clothing
  • swimwear, towel and old shoes
  • something for the disco
  • essential toiletries
  • a tennis racquet if you play tennis

Can I visit family friends at weekends?
Yes, but you will need a letter/fax from your parents providing information of where you're going and the names and contact details of the people you're going to see. You are not allowed to travel to London alone.

Will I get homework?
We encourage you to use your spare time to practise your English at your homestay or with friends. Your teachers may give you special tasks to help you to do this.

Can I use the internet or my mobile phone?
You can make and receive calls on your phone during your free time. CAE internet linked computers are available to teenage students at agreed times. Wireless internet access for laptops and mobile phones is provided free in school.

What will I do in the evenings?
Our full social programme will keep you busy both in the week and at weekends. We expect you to join in and we are sure you'll have fun!