Practical Information


How to get to CAE

  • Taxi
    We will meet you at the airport. You can contact us for current taxi prices.
  • Bus
    Direct bus from airport to Cambridge. For information on bus timetables look at the website.
  • Train
    Train timetables available from
  • Car - From London
    • Take the M11 from London to Cambridge.
    • At the end of the motorway, when it changes to the A14 North/Huntingdon, turn left to Oakington/Dry Drayton (just past the crematorium)
    • Turn left again to OAKINGTON (over the bridge).
    • At the first crossroads in Oakington turn right to GIRTON.
    • CAE is one mile from there, on the right just past the two pubs. If you get to the Church you have gone too far!

Typical prices

All prices are in sterling

  • Taxi to city centre £15-20
  • Weekly bus ticket around £15
  • Excursion to London £30
  • Lunch at CAE cafeteria £5 or weekly lunch card can be purchased from our Accounts Office
  • Telephone Card £5-10
  • Cold drink 70p-£1.50
  • Hot drink £1.50-2
  • Cinema ticket £7-9

Local bus timetable

  • You can buy a weekly "Mega Rider" ticket from the bus driver (Monday to Saturday daytime) which allows you to travel anywhere in Cambridge city area.
  • The bus from Cambridge city centre to Girton and Oakington is the "Citi 6". For a timetable look at

General Information

  • Insurance and Health

    CAE course fees do not include insurance cover. It is your responsibility to make sure you have appropriate insurance cover throughout your stay in the UK.  We advise you to take out your own Personal Insurance before you travel which will cover you for any loss of or damage to possessions, course cancellation after arrival in the UK through injury or illness, and the cost of urgent medical treatment.

    Members of EU countries see a doctor free but pay for medicine.

    Non-EU citizens pay for a consultation with a doctor plus medicine.

    Visitors to Britain are normally given free accident emergency treatment.
  • Valuables

    CAE cannot take responsibility for money or valuables lost.

    For safety we advise that private money is held in our Accounts Office or transferred to our CAE bank account. You can collect your money each week from school.

    Bring enough English money with you for the first few days.

  • What to bring

    A variety of clothes including a waterproof jacket, warm sweater/s and sports shoes.

    Your Passport/ID card is required for registration on your first day - this is very important.

    Please also bring a passport size photograph for your CAE student identity card.

  • Telephoning

    At your homestay your host will take messages for you until 21.00. You MUST ask permission to use their telephone.

    Students cannot receive telephone calls or use their mobile phones at school in class/lesson time.

    In emergencies the number to call is +44 1223 277 230
  • Smoking

    In the UK it is illegal to smoke in public places, e.g. pubs, restaurants, buses, trains, schools etc.

About Cambridge/Girton

  • For information either look at the Cambridge website on or the Girton website on

  • As it is home of one of the world's greatest universities, Cambridge has a lively student culture. Every day while the university is in session there are concerts, plays, meetings and lectures that are open to the public.
    There are six theatres in the city, two concert halls, several pop-music venues and a number of nightclubs. Of the fifteen cinema screens, three show foreign and minority-interest films. Many of the colleges have first-rate chapel choirs, who sing evensong every day, and perform public concerts. The city has a wealth of bookshops, a fine museum and a number of art galleries, one of the best of which is Kettle's Yard. Many of the college and university buildings are architectural masterpieces, both ancient and modern. The newly developed Cambridge Science Park has an international reputation for hi-tech research and development.

Student Code of Practice/School rules

The CAE Student Code of Practice and Young Learner School rules are set up to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students and staff.

We expect our students to treat other students, staff and homestay hosts with respect, and to follow the CAE Student Code of Practice/ School rules. Students who break UK law or compromise CAE regulations may be asked to leave CAE, with no refund of fees.

A copy of the Student Code of practice (adult students) is available here.
Contact to request copies of the Student Rules for children and teenagers joining CAE Young learner courses.

Exams and Exam Results

We are always pleased to advise students on which exams they should take and guide them through their exam preparation. Our last annual exam results can be seen on the left of this page. These results include all CAE exam candidates, including those who take exams early for practice purposes only.

Exams are not included in course fees. Exam costs usually range from £50 - £200, depending on which exam is most suitable for you to take during your course.


CAE is accredited by the British Council (Accreditation UK) for the teaching of English in the UK.

Click here to download the most recent reports BC Accreditation UK inspection reports.

Educational Policy

CAE - our promise

As an internationally renowned independent English Language School, we offer a wide range of courses with high quality teaching in a dynamic learning environment. 

Our students are at the centre of all that we do.

We promise:

*To offer stimulating, challenging lessons focussed on student progress and achievement

*To promote effective independent learning and a strong foundation in English

*To listen to students and respond to their needs and requests

*To prepare students for success in the global community

Our staff are well-trained, valued and professional.

We promise:

*To treat people as individuals

*To be friendly and approachable

*To offer a safe, nurturing environment for learning

*To encourage the core British values of tolerance and mutual respect

Our relationships with clients and the local community are important to us.

We hope:

*To have a long-lasting relationship with our students

*To offer a life-enhancing experience

* To promote the UK as the best place to study English

* To provide a rich cultural experience in a multi-lingual environment

Admissions Policy

CAE courses are open to students from all over the world. Please make sure that you complete the appropriate enrolment form for your requested course and send it to CAE in good time. Please note that some of our courses have minimum age and English language level requirements. They may also have limited capacity at certain times of the year and can fill up very quickly. We are always happy to advise you about availability and answer any questions that you may have about our range of courses and services.

Safeguarding Policy

CAE offers a portfolio of courses for children, teenagers and adult, general and professional students. Courses are aimed at children (8 to 13 years); teenagers (12 to 17 years) and adults (17 years plus). Professional Centre Courses are aimed at students 25 +. CAE has a responsibility for the wellbeing of all students and a statutory duty of care to children under the age of 18, whatever their course of study. The CAE Safeguarding Policy aims to promote best practice by: providing children and young people with appropriate safety and protection whilst in the care of CAE; informing CAE staff and all other adults involved in the delivery of CAE courses of their responsibilities and duty of care when working with children; allowing all staff to make informed and confident responses to safeguarding and child protection issues.

A copy of our full Safeguarding Policy is available here

Care of children and young people under 18 years of age

CAE has a responsibility for the well-being of all students, and a statutory duty of care, especially to all children under the age of 18 - whether they are joining a children’s or an adult programme of study.

17 year olds are expected to join the CAE Adult programme. Full details of how we provide for U18s on Adult courses is available here.

Contact for full details of safeguarding and welfare provision on CAE Young Learner courses.

Admission and support of students with learning difficulties or disabilities

Cambridge Academy of English is committed to equality of opportunity and will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments and/or provide reasonable support to students who declare a learning difficulty or disability.

If a student, or his or her parents or sponsor, feels that the student has any specific learning requirements or special needs (for example dyslexia) or physical disabilities, then they are strongly urged to declare them at the application stage. In this way the school can ensure that as a school we are in a position to consider any such requirements in a professional and appropriate manner.
Please note that CAE's main building is a Grade II listed building with very limited wheelchair access or access for students with visual impairment. Planning restrictions mean that the school is not in a position to alter stairways or install lifts to enable easier access.

The school will seek to comply with arrangements for examinations for candidates with disabilities in line with the regulations of the examining bodies, provided the candidate provides us with a doctor’s note on registration.

Contact for a full version of this policy.

Health and Safety Policy

The school has a detailed Health and Safety policy which ensures the school conforms with UK legislation and complies with and carries out the regulations set out in our national association's Health and Safety manual. CAE's Health and Safety Committee meets twice a year and is responsible for: setting up, reviewing and updating CAE's Health and Safety policies and procedures; carrying out risk assessments; ensuring relevant training is carried out by CAE staff; keeping up-to-date records and documentation on Health and Safety matters.

Student Discipline/Exclusion Policy

At CAE we are rarely faced with problem students but if student behaviour is considered to be unacceptable then the following will apply:

In the case of minor infringements, the individual/s should be spoken to by their class teacher and informed that they must cease such behaviour. This should be reported to the Director of Studies/ Course Director and recorded in the Student's file.
If the behaviour continues then the individual/s involved should meet with the Principal.

In the case of teenage students they will be asked to sign a contract and may have a privilege removed, e.g. they are to be excluded from the social programme.

Continued unacceptable behaviour will lead to a suspension from all classes and social programme. At this stage either the parents and or the agent will be informed that another recurrence will lead to expulsion at their expense.

N.B. Cases of violent or criminal behaviour will lead to immediate expulsion at the student's expense.

Contact for a full version of this policy.

Complaints Procedure

On arrival at CAE, students are given details of who they can contact if they have a specific problem or complaint. Our staff are happy to help whenever they can. However, if your complaint cannot be dealt with by a member of staff, you should arrange an appointment with the Principal. Please note that there is an ‘Important notice for all students' at CAE, giving further information about what our national association, English UK, does to safeguard the interests of students studying at CAE. In other words, if you have a problem at CAE, and this problem cannot be resolved satisfactorily by the school, you can still contact English UK for advice or assistance. CAE prides itself on solving any problems or dealing with complaints, and is proud to report that no student complaints have ever needed to be taken up by English UK to date.